Every other June a unique cinematic event takes place in Tel-Aviv: The International Student Film Festival. A week of youthful and daring cinema, fascinating events, workshops, conferences and exhibitions, brings the scent of the wide world to the bustling city of Tel-Aviv.

In its attempt to challenge cultural and social norms, the festival brings together youth, students, academics, filmmakers, artists, journalists and intellectuals from Israel and around the world.

They all assemble for a shared experience of vibrant art and fresh points of view on the current cinematic discourse.

As the festival is held in the Middle East, at the center of a long and complex national and political conflict, it promotes issues of peace, equality and human rights as well as political and social awareness.

This year, we will be celebrating the tenth festival, a unique artistic voice that simply keeps changing and growing with time, attracting thousands of cinema lovers who fill the auditoriums of the Tel Aviv Cinematheque during the festival week.